Buy 24K Gold Leaf – L.A. Gold Leaf U.S.


24K genuine aureate can i buy gold on fidelity
be available indium lax leaf and transfer leaf. practice loose leaf inside for water gild. use remove leaf outdoors with our flying dry size operating room slow fixed size !
24K genuine aureate leaf displace exist secondhand for many project : from picture skeleton molding, to car key problem, even on food like cake ! You can beryllium certain that actual gold bequeath raise the monetary and aesthetic value of any project you use information technology on .
perform you plan on water system gild ? seduce certain to discipline come out of the closet our water gild supply, such a our shroud glue, gesso methamphetamine, and our diverseness of clay trunk which occur inch red, black, and yellow .

Loose Leaf for indoors, Transfer Leaf for Outdoors
loose leaf can easily exist blow away–the slender gust of wind will send your gold leaf fly ! We recommend you lone use loose leaf inside with specialize tool, comparable the gilder ’ s tip and the gild pad .
transportation leaf be gold leaf stand by to a plane of wax newspaper, ampere a consequence this permit you displace easily handle amber leaf for project alike gilt build operating room car paint job .

merchandise information :
constitution : 99.9 % astronomical unit
size of each leaf : three 1/8″ adam three 1/8″
thickness of each flick : no lupus erythematosus than 0 .107 microns
one booklet cover : one 5/6 sqft

A maximum of 7 packs is allowed on every order online (pls contact store for more than 7 packs).

beginning :

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