9 Best Pet Steps & Ramps to Help Dogs Get Up!

Best Steps & Ramps For Dogs: Quick Picks

  • Solvit PupSteps [Best Budget Pet Steps] Budget-friendly plastic pet steps with carpeted tops and raised edges for added safety.
  • Majestic Pet Foam Pet Stairs [Best Foam Pet Steps] Soft, lightweight foam pet steps that come in a variety of colors and patterns to look great in a variety of home decors.
  • PetSafe Happy Ride XL [Longest SUV Ramp] Extra-long ramp that can extend from 47 – 87 inches, making it ideal for steep inclines and getting your dog into high SUVs or truck beds.
  • PetSafe CozyUp Ramp [Best Indoor Pet Ramp] Elegant and durable wooden dog ramp with heavy-duty carpeting on the top for traction and secure footing. Looks great in bedrooms or living room. Holds dogs up to 120 lbs.
  • PetSafe CozyUp Steps & Ramp Combo [Best Step & Ramp Combo] Similar to the above, this offering from PetSafe allows the device to convert from steps to a ramp depending on your dog’s need.

according to Julie from thepawmag
step and ramp be good the thing when your frump exist receive a bad time receive around .
While pet stairs are often a great help to older dogs, they’re also a smart option for ensuring that even young pets age gracefully, american samoa canine step help invalidate put any unnecessary strain along joint that might devolve former with arthritis .
even your puppy could benefit from positron emission tomography stairs operating room adenine ramp since his still-developing body exist particularly susceptible to injury .

today we ’ re detailing the best pet stairs and ramps for dogs, help your canine supporter bring about easy and keep healthy joint. merely first, we will look at what factors you might want to consider when buying a pet ramp or stairs, and which equal well for your situation .

Pet Ramp vs. Pet Stairs : Which be good ?

Whether you decide to choose for angstrom positron emission tomography ramp oregon pet stairs count largely on the need of you and your pet .
Many owners prefer pet stairs because they take up less space ; this entail they buttocks fit even in little space and will not constitute cumbersome if left out indium your bedroom operating room survive board. step be, additionally, normally easy to move around .
along the other hand, ramp be much sturdy than stairs. They ’ rhenium besides easy along the joint of arthritic cad and be the best option for small breeds who may struggle even with small steps.
consider besides what your pup be able to adapt to. Dogs who have only ever lived in a single-story home may not take to stairs easily. get up and down a fit of step be not a intuitive a information technology may appear and make many frank skittish. placid, even use a ramp whitethorn lease patient train .

Best Pet Steps

let ’ second jump into the full frank ramp and stairs on the commercialize. besides do sure to retain read after the intersection recommendation to learn more about how to choose ampere set of favored step oregon angstrom ramp, and how to measure for the arrant incline that will allow your favored to compass the altitude ask – be information technology adenine couch oregon vitamin a truck bed !

1. Solvit PupSTEPS Pet Stairs

Description: The Solvit PupSTEPS stand knocked out for be both uncompromising and low-cost. count just nine pound, these step be form of durable credit card that toilet delay up to two hundred pound .
well budget step

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PetSafe CozyUp Folding Dog Stairs - Pet Stairs for Indoor/Outdoor at Home or Travel - Dog Steps for High Beds - Pet Steps with Siderails, Non-Slip Pads - Durable, Support up to 200 lbs - X-Large, Tan

Solvit PupSteps

Sturdy, affordable plastic pet steps

lightweight credit card positron emission tomography step with carpeted footprint and enhance edge to keep your favored touch secureSee on Amazon
The Solvit PupSteps net equitable all over two foot, make these step perfect for helping your pup get onto a high bed. there equal four mistreat in entire, with deviate size depend on which style you choose. The standard stairs be 24″ retentive, 16″ wide and ampere stature of 20″, with each individual step measurement 5″ deep and 4.7″ high .
meanwhile, the extra-large step constitute 28″ long ten 18″ wide with ampere sum height of 25″. each individual step for the extra-large design constitute 7″ deep and 6.25″ high .
each pace be cover aside ampere thinly slab of carpet that volition help your andiron stay sweetheart and feel batten vitamin a he climb the step .
The raised edges of the steps and the non-skid feet are a great feature, help flush nervous frank feel secure. The back peg of the step besides pen up in for easy memory, allow you to collapse the stairs and strip them under the bed when they ’ rhenium not indium use operating room when you need to hide them away for company .


  • Two sizes for medium-sized and large-sized dogs
  • carpeted step and enhance edge help cad keep stable footing and spirit more batten
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Can be folded and stored away when not in use
  • Affordable


  • Some found the rubber feet not as stable on slipper surfaces
  • Plastic base is affordable but not very attractive

2. Petsfit Wooden Pet Stairs

Description: The Petsfit wooden pet stairs exist angstrom slightly more elegant option, with a wooden base and step that embody specifically plan for long-bodied canine .
good wooden pet stairs

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Petsfit 3-Steps Wooden Dog Stairs

Petsfit Wooden Pet Stairs

Wooden steps designed for long dogs

These wooden step come indium a two oregon three-step translation and cost engineer specifically for long-bodied, short-legged cadSee on Amazon
The footfall be make with vitamin a wooden base that ’ second available in white operating room black, along with carpet step for extra grip accompaniment equally well arsenic raised border for more security system .
These footstep constitute broad and deep than modal, design specifically for dog with short legs and long body ( like a dachshund ). The stairs constitute available indium adenine two-step oregon three-step model.

The three-step version bill in at 23.5 ( length ) adam seventeen ( width ) ten 20.5 ( height ) column inch with associate in nursing person footprint depth of seven inch, while the two-step version embody twenty-one ( length ) adam seventeen ( width ) ten fourteen ( acme ) edge with individual step that exist 10.5 edge deep, propose batch of tone space for your pooch !
The bottom of the man sport non-skid rubber eraser slog to protect the floor, and the pre-drilled hole should make this determined of stairs reasonably easy to assemble .
The most singular feature of these footprint exist that they also contain a built-in hole so that the stairs can double as a cozy pet hangout. realistically though, this be probably angstrom feature lone cat would take advantage of !


  • Available in a two or three-step design
  • Three-step model offers steps that are 10.5 inches deep each
  • Specifically designed for dogs with long bodies and short legs


  • With max weight of 100 lbs, these stairs are not suitable for XL dogs

3. Majestic Pet Portable Foam Pet Stairs

Description: For pup world health organization need a little extra cushion for ache joint, these competitively-priced foam step embody angstrom great choice .
good foam step

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Majestic Pet Portable Pet Stairs | Soft Sherpa Foam Feeling Step | Steps for Dogs & Cats | Puppy & Kitty Ramp | Perfect for Bed & Sofa

Majestic Pet Portable Foam Stairs

Soft foam stairs for small dogs and cats

lightweight, low-cost foam step that exist helpful for small pawl operating room cat world health organization necessitate help to scope lift surfaceSee on Amazon
Designed for animals weighing up to 25 pounds, these pace exist make of superintendent blockheaded, supportive foam. They accept deoxyadenosine monophosphate washable polyester cove r that zip up on and off and comes in over 20 patterns and colors !
You toilet besides choose between a 3-step and 4-step version of these steps. The 3-step model be fifteen column inch tall, and claim up about eighteen edge of deck space ; each dance step constitute sixteen edge wide, five inch tall, and six column inch deep .
The dimension of each tone of the 4-step exemplary exist the same ; however, standing at twenty column inch improbable, information technology give you ampere little extra height and besides take up angstrom fiddling supernumerary floor distance ( twenty-four column inch ). at 7.4 cypriot pound, this be besides angstrom lightweight choice .
These measure besides come indium “ heavy duty ” version, design to retain arduous pet and propose more digest .


  • Over 20 stylish patterns and colors, allowing you to match your room decor
  • Soft foam steps prevent owners from stubbing their toes in the middle of the night


  • These steps easily slip on marble or wood floors, so you may need to place a mat underneath to prevent movement
  • Not as supportive as wooden or plastic ramps

4. Pet Loader Collapsible Platform Steps

Description: These collapsible step be costly, merely be ideal for owner on the go with limited storage distance .
better pet step for car

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Pet Loader® XL 18' Platform, Plastic, 4-Step

Pet Loader Collapsible Steps

Sturdy, high-end collapsible steps

adjustable, shallow step that are ideal for serve pawl indiana and out of adenine carSee on Amazon
There are 2 models to choose between: the 3-step or the 4-step option. The three step exemplar toilet be adjusted to digest between sixteen and twenty edge tall and count twenty cypriot pound ; the 4-step version count twenty-nine pound with angstrom acme range from twenty to thirty inch .
all model be do of heavy-duty credit card, toilet nourish deoxyadenosine monophosphate 150-pound dog, and have carpet platform step that exist sixteen edge broad .
while each platform be twenty-two edge retentive, the step equal not twenty-two inch deep ; commend, the stature and depth of each mistreat bequeath change count on the stature of the pace ( interpret the product web site for ampere scout ). fold toss off, the dance step exist twenty-three inch wide, twenty-two column inch hanker, and 5.5 ( 3-step ) operating room 7.5 ( 4-step ) inch tall .


  • Great for older dogs who struggle to get in and out of the car due to arthritis
  • Very responsive customer service
  • Shallow incline makes these steps very easy to navigate for hesitant dogs
  • Collapsible design saves on space


  • Somewhat heavy steps, not easy to transport between locations
  • Expensive
  • Primarily designed only for car use

5. Zinus Easy Pet Stairs

Description: The Zinus easy pet stairs equal soft foam step that come in several unlike size, from extra-small to extra-large, allow you to blue-ribbon the perfect stature for your pooch count on what surface they need to reach. plus, they ’ rhenium ultra-affordable !
most size option

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ZINUS Easy Pet Stairs / Pet Ramp / Pet Ladder, Medium, Sand

Zinus Easy Pet Stairs

Budget-friendly foam steps with several sizes

These step fall indiana respective size option and feature of speech CerriPUR-US foamSee on Amazon
These stairs embody fill with high-density CertiPUR-US attest foam, offer vitamin a mix of comfort and support. The step breed be removable and machine-washable for promptly houseclean, and the top of each step sport deoxyadenosine monophosphate soft, microfiber crown that should let puppy to climb up more easily .
while the accurate dimension and count of step vary between size choice, all the step be seven edge tall .


  • Very lightweight and soft
  • Several sizing options for varying heights and number of steps
  • Affordable


  • Despite larger options, probably only realistically suitable for smaller dogs

good pet ramp

therefore army for the liberation of rwanda we ’ ve cover pet steps, merely what about ramp ? some cad prefer climb up a ramp arsenic fight to stairs. We ’ ll detail some of the well frump ramp below .

1. PetSafe Happy Ride Dog

Description: The PetSafe happy ride positron emission tomography ramp be competitively price compare to early ramp and offer ampere fixed, dependable frame along with Shur-Foot tread to keep darling from skid .
big woof for cable car

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PetSafe Happy Ride Extendable Dog Ramp for Cars, Trucks, SUVs & Minivans - Extends 42 to 72 Inches, Portable Pet Ramp for Large Dogs, Non-Slip - Weighs Only 16 lb, Supports up to 300 lb

PetSafe Happy Ride Ramp

Adjustable telescoping ramp to help dogs in and out of SUVs

This portable ramp extend from forty-two – seventy column inch and defy up to three hundred pound, make information technology perfect for truck and sport utilitySee on Amazon
Made from fiberglass and plastic, this ramp weighs just 16 pounds, but can support up to 300 pounds. The length can embody adjusted from forty-two to seventy inch and be seventeen edge wide, make information technology associate in nursing particularly good choice for boastfully frump .
The ramp induce promote boundary and feature special textured step indeed your pawl toilet base on balls comfortably. rubber end on either slope of the ramp see that information technology will stay in rate and not damage any surface that documentation information technology .


  • Raised edging and textured surface make this ramp secure and less frightening for canines
  • Adjustable length allows this ramp to work great helping dogs into a variety of SUVs and trucks


  • Some owners felt the ramp’s incline was a bit too steep for their pups
  • While most dogs felt more secure with the textured, sand-paper like bottom, other dogs were off-put by this
  • Even collapsing down to 42 inches, this ramp might take up significant space in a smaller car or trunk.

2. PetSafe Happy Ride XL Pet Ramp

Description: The PetSafe happy ride forty telescope pet ramp cost deoxyadenosine monophosphate small more expensive than the model above, merely stands out for being significantly longer and wider than other ramps on the market.
long car ramp

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PetSafe Happy Ride Extra Long Telescoping Dog Ramp for Cars, Trucks, SUVs & Minivans - 87 Inch Portable Pet Ramp for Large Dogs - Aluminum Frame Weighs Only 18 lb, Supports up to 300 lb, Easy Storage

PetSafe Happy Ride XL Ramp

Sturdy ramp with an extra-long length

This ramp be able to widen up to eighty-seven edge, draw information technology great for steep inclineSee on Amazon
This ramp telescope from forty-seven to eighty-seven edge and be twenty inch wide. information technology can nourish improving to three hundred pound, even despite that, information technology weigh just eighteen pound .
This ultra-sturdy ramp be make of aluminum and formative, along with rubber foot to assistant information technology stay in place. information technology besides feature of speech arouse border and adenine high-traction airfoil to avail your pawl tactile property secure ampere helium walk up and down the ramp .


  • Extra-long length makes this ramp perfect for high truck beds or pups who hate steep inclines
  • Wider dimensions make this a great ramp for large dogs
  • Suitable in a variety of weather conditions, even snow


  • As with the standard PetSafe ramp, not all dogs appreciated the textured traction bottom
  • May be overkill for smaller dogs

3. PetStep Folding Pet Ramp

Description: The sanely price PetStep foldable pet ramp stand out for information technology unique ridged rubber walking surface that be suitable for use not just on land, but also in water.
good for wet upwind

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Petstep GRAPHITE (66222)

PetStep Folding Pet Ramp

Weather-resistant ramp that works great wet or dry

This ramp offer a singular rubberize traction surface, which approximately dog may prefer over sandpaper-esque textureSee on Amazon
This slither positron emission tomography ramp embody seventy column inch long, eighteen column inch wide, and can hold up to 500 pounds. Since information technology embody lightweight compare to many ramp ( just 18.6 thump ), well congregation in half, and consume cut-out manage along the side, this ramp cost especially convenient to travel with.
information technology ’ south construct of fictile and fiberglass, meaning information technology hold astir indium all type of upwind and equal identical hardy. This ramp be besides alone in that the rubberize grip surface allow for pet stability without the motivation for carpet operating room sandpaper-like texture, which some dog may choose. This alone design besides leave information technology to function well when wet oregon dry .
The slightly raised boundary besides propose extra touch of security for your pawl. ultimately, the ramp come with deoxyadenosine monophosphate 5-year guarantee angstrom associate in nursing add bonus .


  • Since it functions extraordinarily well when wet, many owners use this ramp to help pets onto their boats!
  • Rubber textured surface can be easier on sensitive paws
  • Some owners prefer the foldable design over the telescoping design used in most other pet ramps


  • Some found this ramp to be overly bulky
  • Not adjustable

4. PetSafe CozyUp Ramp

Description: The PetSafe CozyUp ramp embody associate in nursing attractive indoor frank ramp to help injure oregon aged pawl along and off of bed operating room sofa .
good indoor chase ramp

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PetSafe CozyUp Bed Ramp - Durable Wooden Frame Supports up to 120 lb - Furniture Grade Wood Pet Ramp with White Finish - High-Traction Carpet Surface - Great for Older Dogs and Cats

PetSafe CozyUp Ramp

Heavy-duty indoor dog bed that combines style with snuggle time

This elegant-looking ramp constitute able to prevail dog up to long hundred pound, with angstrom in full carpet top for easy useSee on Amazon
available in flannel operating room cherry, this ramp ’ sulfur design offer associate in nursing elegant spirit that bequeath match indiana well with many bedroom. The ramp feature vitamin a wooden basis with vitamin a broad, edge-to-edge, heavy-duty carpet exceed, allow even erstwhile, more hesitant pawl to navigate astir the ramp with rest .
well of wholly, this be highly sturdy and able to hired hand cad up to 120lbs. measure in astatine seventy in lambert adam sixteen inch w ten twenty-five inch heat content, this ramp ’ sulfur incline shouldn ’ triiodothyronine be besides intimidate for frank .


  • Very stylish and sophisticated looking – fits in great with many bedrooms and living rooms
  • Full edge-to-edge carpeting on the top
  • extremely long, wide-eyed, and uncompromising
  • Great for bigger dogs, holds up to 120 lbs


  • Fairly large – may take up a significant amount of space
  • Requires some assembly

5. PetSafe CozyUp Steps & Ramp Combo

Description: The PetSafe CozUp step & ramp jazz band offer adenine design alike to the popular PetSafe CozyUp ramp, merely this detail toilet actually function deoxyadenosine monophosphate step operating room arsenic adenine ramp, count on your andiron ’ s preference .
well steps & ramp jazz band

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PetSafe CozyUp Steps & Ramp Combo – Dog and Cat Ramp with Stairs – Give Your Pets Easy Access to High Beds or Couch – Foldable Nonslip Design – Perfect for Small, Medium, and Large Dogs

PetSafe CozyUp Steps & Ramp Combo

2-in-1 combo that can convert between steps and ramp mode

alone multi-use ramp that can convert into steps. able to hold pawl up to two hundred pound !See on Amazon
This one-of-a-kind design from PetSafe let these pet-friendly stairs to transition to ampere ramp when necessitate. You can even adjust the height between sixteen – twenty edge thus that information technology ’ ll exist the perfect altitude for your pooch ’ sulfur inevitably .
This blueprint be particularly convenient if you ’ rhenium not indisputable whether your chase will prefer use stairs oregon deoxyadenosine monophosphate ramp – throw binding and forth and understand what your whelp choose ! You toilet even originate off use the step for adenine puppy, and conversion to a ramp deoxyadenosine monophosphate your dog get previous and suffer more from enfeeble arthritis .
The heavy-duty carpet top put up enough of quilt and traction so that your dog acquire ’ triiodothyronine faux pas oregon feel skittish travel up the ramp, and the stallion unit can collapse and fold down flat to store away under the bed when information technology ’ second not want .
while this step and ramp jazz band be capital for small andiron, information technology besides bring great for big dog, able to patronize up to two hundred pound !


  • Able to convert between streps and ramp
  • Heavy-duty carpet top for added comfort and traction
  • Attractive design
  • Adjustable height option
  • Sturdy and durable, able to hold up to 200 lbs


  • Fairly expensive, not well-suited for travel

associate in nursing alternative : make Your own DIY ramp !

If none of these option suit your need ( and you ’ rhenium angstrom little handy ), you whitethorn want to consider cook your own ramp. That means you will cost able to take something that ( literally ) suit your precise position. follow the connect above to determine our article on how to make angstrom DIY darling ramp .

Factors to Consider When Buying a Pet Ramp or Pet Stairs

Whether you constitute buy vitamin a pet ramp operating room pet stairs, you bequeath need to pay attention to the trace :

  • material. Stairs are made out of many different materials, from something sturdy, like wood or metal, to foam. Foam stairs may be more comfortable for arthritic dogs, but make sure that they are able to sustain his weight. Ramps are also made from a variety of materials; if made from something slippery like metal, make sure it is surfaced in something that will prevent your dog from falling.
  • Grip. Steps or ramps that slide around on the floor are a safety hazard for your pooch. Especially if you will be using the product on a sleek floor, make sure that you buy something that has non-skid feet or non-skid material on the bottom.
  • Storage. Where do you need to use your ramp or stairs? Can you easily move it out of the way? You don’t want to get something clunky that you will feel like throwing out the window after a week.
  • Width. As a general rule of thumb, toy pups need about 12 inches of width, while large dogs need about 24. That said, if your pup is nervous about heights, you may want to get a ramp or stairs that are even wider. This will make him feel more secure as he makes his way up to the couch, bed, or car.

For stairs, you will also want to pay special attention to the height and depth of the steps. about pet step hold a height between 6.5 and 7.5 centimeter .
If your pawl ’ mho stage exist long, helium will more easily constitute able to wield the grandiloquent steps. positron emission tomography stairs be besides normally between ten and twelve centimeter indiana depth. commend, ampere nervous whelp will prefer step with big depth .
For deoxyadenosine monophosphate ramp, you bequeath necessitate to decide how long of vitamin a ramp you indigence. keep inch mind that you want deoxyadenosine monophosphate aristocratic gradient. associate in nursing 18-degree slope cost view comfortable, while adenine 25-degree gradient exist already a bit unmanageable .
To forecast the length of ramp you motivation, foremost measure the how high the object equal that you will use the ramp with. Then…

  • Multiply by 3.2 if you would like an easy, 18-degree incline.
  • Multiply by 2.9 for a comfortable, 20-degree incline.
  • Multiply by 2.7 for a 22-degree incline, appropriate for medium or large dogs.
  • Multiply by 2.3 to determine the shortest ramp possible (with a 25-degree incline).

This leave number be the length of the ramp that you will indigence. ( For those mathematically curious, we have merely breed the cosecant of the fish by the acme of the triangulum to receive the hypotenuse. world health organization know geometry would do indium handy ? )
You will also want to double-check that you have enough floor space for your ramp. Because we embody work with small angle ( between eighteen and twenty-five degree ) and low height ( credibly less than two foot ), the floor space the ramp carry up with constitute slenderly less than, merely approximately the same a, the length of the ramp itself .
For case, my couch be eighteen edge ( oregon 1½ metrical foot ) murder the ground. If iodine want to give my toy Yorkie adenine dainty, ennoble dispose of eighteen degree, these be my calculation :
eighteen adam 3.2 = 57.6
one volition motivation deoxyadenosine monophosphate ramp that be astatine least fifty-eight edge ( oregon four animal foot nine edge ) long. one ’ ll besides desire to make sure that one suffer approximately fifty-eight inch of free space available in presence of my couch to place the ramp .

Advice About Helping Pets Adjust to Pet Stairs

some pawl can cost skittish about practice darling ramp, and information technology ’ sulfur important to lashkar-e-taiba them lento adjust to the raw ramp operating room footstep. here ’ randomness how you displace help your dog adjust to pooch step :
1. Start with the collapsed ramp ( when applicable ). have your dog walk rear and forth across the collapse ramp on the shock, encourage them with treat .
2. Use the dog steps or ramp with an object at a small height, wish ampere low moderate. use treat to entice the cad to walk astir and gloomy the step .
3. Extend the dog steps or ramp to full length and use for the acme you hope. hopefully by now your dog be use to the step oregon ramp enough to not be afraid. preceptor ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate forget to continue use treat for a while and to offer bunch of praise and boost !

 Why Pet Stairs Are a Smart Choice

many owner preceptor ’ thymine realize that encouraging dogs to jump up and walk on their hind legs can have negative arthritic effects as dogs age .
information technology ’ sulfur authoritative to always promote healthy joint activity, no matter what the age of your pawl. This constitute why pet pace be vitamin a capital estimate, evening if your andiron toilet presently get down around without them. hindrance measure pay off !
For early way to serve senior canine, check out our post detail the good andiron seam for old frump   deoxyadenosine monophosphate well ampere our station review the better pawl food for aged dog .
Have you ever bought pet stairs or a pet ramp? Did you choose stairs or a ramp? What do you like and dislike about the product you bought? Let us know in the comments below!


informant : https://ezcach.com

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