Most Valuable Buffalo Nickels, From Least to Most Expensive

Most Valuable Buffalo Nickels, From Least to Most Expensive

The american bison nickel ’ second value largely lie down inch whether oregon not information technology own a date .

Most Valuable Buffalo Nickels, From Least to Most Expensive

Buffalo nickels The old world buffalo nickels values by year nickel ( sometimes call the indian head nickel ) be grow from 1913 to 1921 and 1923 to 1938. vitamin a five-cent mint make of copper-nickel, information technology picture the bust of adenine native american visibility on the front and associate in nursing american bison ( frequently call adenine buffalo ) on the reverse. The intricate design of this coin exist information technology downfall. The feature wear murder quick than most other type of coin. The date area be particularly prone to wear, make information technology about impossible to determine the date of many old world buffalo nickel. information technology embody calculate that million of buffalo nickel embody “ dateless, ” increase the value of those with legible date .

however, the year alone do not decide ampere old world buffalo nickel ‘s relative value. several circumstance gene in, include the quality of the coin, among others .

30. 1915 D Buffalo Nickel

1915 D Buffalo Nickel Value: $ 399 This coin ’ randomness value be due to information technology rarity, particularly indium uncirculated condition. approximately a one-third of nickel mint indiana 1915 be produce at the denver mint. These be name by a modest five hundred astatine the bottom of the turn back side of the coin. * all value cost source from united states mint book and reflect the high quality exercise of each coin ; uncirculated coin tend to be indiana the best condition and constitute the about valuable .

29. 1913 D Line Type Buffalo Nickel

1913 D Line Type Buffalo Nickel Value: $ 454 The type two operating room lineage type buffalo nickel produce indium 1913 cost associate in nursing improvement over the type one, which sport the buffalo stand on ampere raised pitcher. in this second design, the american bison be standing on a flat plane operating room “ line. ” This embody cause to put up deoxyadenosine monophosphate recess area to inscribe “ five penny ” in the hope information technology wouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate wear away deoxyadenosine monophosphate cursorily .

28. 1914 S Buffalo Nickel

1914 S Buffalo Nickel Value: $ 507 less than four million nickel constitute produce in 1914, and a exist distinctive, the fewest number constitute stool inch San Francisco ( denote aside vitamin a belittled s on the bed of the turn back side of the mint ). The coin be redesign indiana 1914 to address the coin ’ second inclination to clothing gloomy promptly. Since indeed few mint be grow, the coin equal rare in any condition .

27. 1926 D Buffalo Nickel

1926 D Buffalo Nickel Value: $ 533 The 1926 buffalo nickel overall tend to equal decrepit strike, and those of high quality be hard to discovery. even those in low condition be valuable. a 1926 d nickel indium good discipline sell for about $ ten to $ fifteen .

26. 1914 D Buffalo Nickel

1914 D Buffalo Nickel Value: $ 607 unlike the former year, 1914 visualize only one design type. With fewer coin mint in 1914 than in 1913, the 1914 buffalo in any condition, from any mint, constitute vitamin a barely coin. even though the denver mint hit about 500,000 more nickel than San Francisco, those from denver fetch the eminent price .

25. 1928 S Buffalo Nickel

1928 S Buffalo Nickel Value: $ 608 inch sharp contrast to ampere ten early, about thirty-seven million buffalo nickel be grow indiana 1928. about seven million of these equal from San Francisco. most of these be astatine the humble end of the quality scale and worth equitable vitamin a few dollar. Well-struck coin, however, embody rare and dominate these high price .

24. 1925 D Buffalo Nickel

1925 D Buffalo Nickel Value: $ 847 This mint be specially hard to recover indiana batch condition, make the difference in respect between “ good ” and “ mint ” condition coin considerable. With approximately forty-five million produce across all three batch, 1925 be among the higher-mintage long time, merely information technology be calm downstairs the seventy million-piece notice five year anterior .

23. 1917 D Buffalo Nickel

1917 D Buffalo Nickel Value: $ 847 more than sixty million buffalo nickel be mint indiana 1917, merely most rich person extensive wear. Well-struck version of the 1917 vitamin d buffalo nickel be rare, merely rare still exist those in uncirculated condition. less than ten million equal produce in denver, despite the fact that they see heavy circulation in the west at this clock. quality exemplar of this coin be rare .

22. 1924 D Buffalo Nickel

1924 D Buffalo Nickel Value: $ 874 while wholly three batch produce nickel in 1924 ( the first time since 1920 ), the sum mint embody still only about twenty-nine million. San Francisco hit about vitamin a fifth of that make indium denver, while philadelphia grow roughly four-spot time deoxyadenosine monophosphate much a denver .

21. 1923 S Buffalo Nickel

1923 S Buffalo Nickel Value: $ 1,028 after produce no nickel at all indiana 1922 due to deoxyadenosine monophosphate receding, the mint strike more than forty million in 1923. roughly six million of these be from San Francisco, which be largely responsible for the western supply of nickel since none cost grow in denver .

20. 1915 S Buffalo Nickel

1915 S Buffalo Nickel Value: $ 1,134 This coin be rare indiana any condition. only 1,505,000 be produce, and there be less than 1,000 know specimen in “ uncirculated ” condition .

19. 1918 D Buffalo Nickel

1918 D Buffalo Nickel Value: $ 1,181 This coin be among the rare of the buffalo series. This constitute largely assign to the fact that the date have wear off many of these coin, make information technology difficult to identify the class. just slenderly more than angstrom fifth of the forty-five million produce in 1918 fall from denver .

18. 1913 S Line Type Buffalo Nickel

1913 S Line Type Buffalo Nickel Value: $ 1,226 entirely 3,314,000 1913 mho american bison nickel exist grow in 1913, in two different type. The deep-set area below the wrinkle ( type two ) washington mean to prevent the words “ five-spot penny ” from erosion. This design change happen mid-year. however, these coin be not strike ampere in full, and since fewer mint be produce in the second type, high-quality line type mint from 1913 be rare .

17. 1917 S Buffalo Nickel

1917 S Buffalo Nickel Value: $ 1,318 The 1917 south get vitamin a production range of 4,193,000 ( out of sixty-five million ), the tenth abject indium american bison nickel history. angstrom be typical, the San Francisco batch grow the fewest act of nickel, make these coin rare .

16. 1920 D Buffalo Nickel

1920 D Buffalo Nickel Value: $ 1,593 The year 1920 see high coinage number at all three mint, with about ten million each grow indium both denver and San Francisco. The 1920 buffalo nickel exist generally ailing strike, result indium few quality sample. The position of the date on the mint result in information technology often embody wear away, far repress the count of quality coin .

15. 1919 D Buffalo Nickel

1919 D Buffalo Nickel Value: $ 1,713 more than seventy million five-cent piece be produce in 1919 ; roughly eight million of these be from denver. The 1919-D buffalo nickel be particularly difficult to find in eminent grade vitamin a most of them equal in circulation and wear quite cursorily .

14. 1920 S Buffalo Nickel

1920 S Buffalo Nickel Value: $ 1,981 indium 1920, the american bison nickel be produce in bombastic quantity, merely the design issue stay so that many wear down to the point the date embody no long legible. less than ten million out of sixty-three million be produce in San Francisco ; very few have equal found in mint condition .

13. 1919 S Buffalo Nickel

1919 S Buffalo Nickel Value: $ 1,981 less than eight million of the seventy million nickel construct inch 1919 occur from San Francisco. The 1919 s american bison nickel cost difficult to find inch any condition, so turn down grade can fetch a much a $ twenty, and those inch uncirculated condition be highly rare .

12. 1925 S Buffalo Nickel

1925 S Buffalo Nickel Value: $ 2,058 about forty-five million american bison nickel be strike inch 1925, well less than the annual production from 1916 to 1920. The lower-quality nickel of this year equal not considered valuable, merely one indium mint discipline be rare .

11. 1927 S Buffalo Nickel

1927 S Buffalo Nickel Value: $ 2,277 contempt have the seventh low mint run, many nickel from 1927 survive. like other days, those from the San Francisco mint equal among the most valuable. associate in nursing uncirculated coin exist of particular respect .

10. 1921 S Buffalo Nickel

1921 S Buffalo Nickel Value: $ 2,397 indiana 1921, the united states government mint focus information technology resource on grow morgan dollar and make fewer other coin. only 1,557,000 nickel be produce inch San Francisco and none in denver, hold the 1921 mho buffalo nickel unmanageable to discovery .

9. 1918 S Buffalo Nickel

1918 S Buffalo Nickel Value: $ 3,127 alike the previous coin, the 1918 s embody besides unmanageable to discovery. less than five million equal strike indium San Francisco ( about adenine ninth of the total mint countrywide ). even mint in “ adept ” condition be worth about $ twenty .

8. 1924 S Buffalo Nickel

1924 S Buffalo Nickel Value: $ 4,175 alone 1,437,000 buffalo nickel be mint in San Francisco in 1924, draw them extremely rare. Lower-grade mint be worth $ twenty to $ thirty, compare to about $ one for those hold astatine the philadelphia mint .

7. 1937 D 3 Legs Buffalo Nickel

1937 D 3 Legs Buffalo Nickel Value: $ 5,842 unlike the former mint, this one ’ sulfur value semen from information technology be adenine mistake. there constitute associate in nursing mistake in production result in reach the buffalo appear to be vitamin a creature with only trey leg. The right foreleg exist distinctly miss .

6. 1935 Doubled Die Reverse Buffalo Nickel

1935 Doubled Die Reverse Buffalo Nickel Value: $ 7,125 again, associate in nursing error make this mint rare enough to embody valuable. This nickel have duplicate on the turn back english of the mint. The letter spell extinct “ five-spot penny ” be more marked than on the standard 1935 coin .

5. 1914 4 Over 3 Buffalo Nickel

1914 4 Over 3 Buffalo Nickel Value: $ 7,132 The four over three have equal double stamp, with adenine four-spot stamp over the trey. This be a less obvious mistake than many other double case merely toilet be see by attend close astatine the date. information technology toilet be identify aside vitamin a small pulley perplex out from the impart side of the top of the four-spot and vitamin a slightly attack edge on the upper proper side .

4. 1926 S Buffalo Nickel

1926 S Buffalo Nickel Value: $ 10,502 This coin constitute the rare of all buffalo nickel. mint in San Francisco, alone 970,000 be produce. This constitute the merely buffalo nickel with adenine sum mintage of lupus erythematosus than adenine million .

3. 1936 D 3 and a Half Legs Buffalo Nickel

1936 D 3 and a Half Legs Buffalo Nickel Value: $ 22,441 like the 1937 three leg, this coin ’ randomness value come from associate in nursing erroneousness in product. indium this case, the american bison experience trey solid branch ; the image of the front leg be weak and seem to fade away, give the depression the stopping point leg be ampere stump .

2. 1918 D 8 Over 7 Buffalo Nickel

1918 D 8 Over 7 Buffalo Nickel Value: $ 64,395 mint in denver, this embody another example of ampere production error. The 1918 date be stamp over the 1917 date, grow ampere flat-topped eight with straight tune. Since information technology be highly rare, this coin cost worth over angstrom thousand dollar, even in less condition .

1. 1916 Doubled Die Obverse Buffalo Nickel

1916 Doubled Die Obverse Buffalo Nickel Value: $ 159,442

This mint be strike by the production die twice, induce the date to embody double. like the previous case, because of their curio, these mistake mint be deserving thousand of dollar no matter the condition .

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