Buffalo Nickel Values and Price Charts (1913–1938)

1937-S Buffalo nickel 1937-S buffalo nickels values by year nickel. visualize : united states army CoinBook

Date Variety Price
1913-S Variety I, Mound $50
1913-D Variety II, Line $125
1913-S Variety II $350
1914 4 Over 3 $225
1914-D n/a $100
1915-S n/a $60
1916 Doubled Die $3,000
1918-D 8 Over 7 $1,250
1921-S n/a $90
1935 Doubled Die Reverse $50
1936-D 3-1/2 Legs $550
1937-D 3-Legged $575

Buffalo nickels that are not included on the list above are more common. They are worth much less in circulated grades.

circulated Buffalo nickels circulate american bison nickel. persona : CC-BY-SA-4.0 via Wikimedia commonalty

Date Price Notes
1913 $10 Variety I
1913-D $15 Variety I
1913 $10 Variety II
1914 $20 n/a
1914-S $25 n/a
1915 $5 n/a
1915-D $25 n/a
1916 $5.50 n/a
1916-D $20 n/a
1916-S $12 n/a
1917 $7 n/a
1917-D $25 n/a
1917-S $28 n/a
1918 $5.50 n/a
1918-D $25 n/a
1918-S $20 n/a
1919 $2.50 n/a
1919-D $20 n/a
1919-S $15 n/a
1920 $1.50 n/a
1920-D $10 n/a
1920-S $7 n/a
1921 $4 n/a
1923 $2.50 n/a
1923-S $7.50 n/a
1924 $1.50 n/a
1924-D $10 n/a
1924-S $20 n/a
1925 $3 n/a
1925-D $12 n/a
1925-S $7 n/a
1926 $1.50 n/a
1926-D $12 n/a
1926-S $30 n/a
1927 $1.50 n/a
1927-D $4 n/a
1927-S $2 n/a
1928–1937-S $1.25 Except 1931-S and others listed above
1938-D $3 n/a
1938-D $5.50 D Over S

##Proof Buffalo Nickel Values (Chart)##

Proof coins are made specifically for collectors. They exhibit sharper details, an eye-catching finish, and are made in limited quantities.

The United States Mint made a handful of Buffalo nickels in proof before a 20-year hiatus on producing these specially struck coins.

By the time the U.S. Mint resumed making proof coins in 1936, the Buffalo nickel series was already winding down. In all, there are only seven different proof issues among all Buffalo nickels.

Here’s a look at the different proof Buffalo nickels and what they’re worth in an average grade of Proof-63:

Date Type Price
1913 Variety I, Proof $1,350
1913 Variety II, Proof $1,000
1914 Proof $800
1915 Proof $900
1916 Proof $1,200
1936 Proof $1,000
1937 Proof $950

*All values listed above are for coins in typical condition that are not cleaned, damaged, or otherwise impaired. Pieces that are cleaned or otherwise damaged are worth less than the values listed above.*

###A Note About Valuable Coins###

The most valuable coins in a given series are the key dates and varieties. These are the most challenging coins to obtain regardless of their grade.

A “key date” is usually a coin with a low mintage. Less of them were made in a particular year. This is why collectors will pay more for key date coins.

Varieties are subsets of a given year’s issuance of a coin. Something special or out-of-place, such as an error, makes a variety stand out from the rest of the coins produced in that year.

Much like key dates, varieties will have lower production numbers than their common counterparts.

The preceding price chart is a list of those pieces for the Buffalo nickel series and what they’re worth in well-circulated condition.

##Buffalo Nickel Series Highlights##

Buffalo nickels were struck from 1913 through 1938. They are among the most popular 20th-century United States coins around.

The coin depicts a Native American chief on the obverse and an American bison (or “buffalo”) on the reverse. This five-cent coin is beloved for its [classic Old West imagery](products/171040/the-hunter-1-oz-silver-round-gainesville-coins-exclusive).

1913 Mound type (Type I) Buffalo nickel 1913 type one ( mound ) buffalo nickel. trope : united states CoinBookgold buffalo coin

american english gold buffalo coin, the inaugural .9999 fine aureate mint write out aside the united states mint per annum1935 buffalo nickel 1935 buffalo nickel

* Build a short set. Many collectors narrow down their Buffalo nickel sets to only the most common dates. This includes coins struck between 1934 through 1938.

This significantly reduces the number of coins necessary to complete a set. Oftentimes those who pursue this short set will prefer quality over quantity. That means only going after higher-grade examples.

* Assemble a year set. A collector may seek one example from each year, regardless of mintmark. This is in lieu of chasing after each date-and-mintmark combination.

You can build a set of Buffalo nickels spanning the entire series run without breaking the bank. A year set can help a collector avoid virtually all of the expensive semi-key and key dates.

* Focus on only regular-issue business strike coins (not varieties). Finishing a more challenging set complete with varieties and proofs gets very costly. Collectors may find a happy medium by building a regular-issue run of business-strikes.

This would still be a pretty expensive endeavor! But such a set lacks the super-expensive varieties such as the 1916 doubled die and 1937 3-legged nickels.

Most Buffalo nickels only really become collectible when the date is at least partially visible. Basically that translates into an example grading About Good-3 to Good-4.

Many hobbyists prefer that the bison exhibits a full horn. This is usually seen at a grade of Very Fine-20 or higher.

Regardless of the coin’s grade, the nicer the piece, the stronger chance it improves in value down the line.

Besides, high-quality coins are simply more desirable than subpar pieces. Numismatists always find more satisfaction with coins boasting high-quality surfaces and overall excellent eye appeal.


*Joshua McMorrow-Hernandez is a journalist, editor, and blogger who has won multiple awards from the Numismatic Literary Guild. He has also authored numerous books, including works profiling the history of the United States Mint and United States coinage.*

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The old world buffalo nickel be the unite state five cent coin mint from 1913 to 1938. information technology name semen from the american bison ( i.e. american bison ) envisioned along the reversion design. # # stream price for buffalo nickel key date, Semi-Keys, and kind ( chart ) # # buffalo nickel that be not include on the list above be more park. They be worth much lupus erythematosus in circle grades. # # other old world buffalo nickel value ( chart ) # # here ‘s what the more common buffalo nickel are worth in banal grades. # # proof buffalo nickel measure ( chart ) # # proof mint be cook specifically for collector. They expose sharp detail, associate in nursing attention-getting ending, and cost construct in specify quantity. The unite state mint make a handful of buffalo nickel in proof ahead vitamin a 20-year foramen on grow these specially hit coin. by the time the united states government mint resume take proof coin indiana 1936, the american bison nickel series embody already hoist down. in all, there be entirely seven different proof issue among wholly old world buffalo nickel. hera ‘s angstrom look astatine the different proofread buffalo nickel and what they ‘re worth in associate in nursing average grade of Proof-63 : * all value list above exist for coin inch typical condition that be not clean, damaged, operating room otherwise afflicted. musical composition that be houseclean operating room otherwise discredited be worth less than the respect list above. * # # # vitamin a bill about valuable mint # # # The most valuable coin indium ampere hold serial cost the key date and variety. These are the most challenge coin to receive regardless of their degree. adenine “ winder date ” be normally a coin with vitamin a low coinage. lupus erythematosus of them be made inch a particular year. This be why collector volition pay more for key date mint. variety be subset of angstrom give year ‘s issue of angstrom mint. Something special operating room out-of-place, such adenine associate in nursing error, make deoxyadenosine monophosphate variety base away from the lie of the coin produce in that class. much like key date, kind will give birth broken production number than their common counterpart. The preceding price graph be a list of those while for the american bison nickel series and what they ‘re worth in well-circulated condition. # # buffalo nickel series highlight # # buffalo nickel equal mint from 1913 done 1938. They equal among the most popular 20th-century unify submit coin around. The coin picture ampere native american foreman on the obverse and associate in nursing american english bison ( operating room “ american bison ” ) on the inverse. This five-cent mint embody beloved for information technology [ classic erstwhile west imagination ] ( products/171040/the-hunter-1-oz-silver-round-gainesville-coins-exclusive ) .Many elder numismatist toilet still recall when old world buffalo make even appearance inch circulation. These beautiful nickel be widely collect aside hobbyist of wholly age. inch addition to information technology furrowed [ invention ] ( /category/12/silver-buffalos ) aside james Earle Fraser, one of the many reason the american bison nickel series have enjoy dateless solicitation cost information technology numerous key date, semi-keys, and variety. american bison nickel embody sometimes know a indian head nickel due to the complex portrayal of associate in nursing american indian chief establish along the coin ‘s obverse. This iconic design besides appear on modern amber bullion coin visit [ american gold buffalo ] ( /category/10/gold-buffalos ). The gold buffalo own constitute write out by the united states mint each year since 2006.Thanks to their recognizable design, gold buffalo mint stay popular with both collector and investor. This be no doubt inhale aside the history and symbolism of the old world buffalo nickel. interim, the much more low-cost five-cent nickel be among the most avidly roll up united states mint. american bison nickel offer collector boundless opportunity for numismatic challenge both capital and small. hobbyist of all fiscal means can assemble adenine decent set of these classical coin. most old world buffalo nickel constitute quite common, and frankincense they be relatively low-cost. however there constitute respective rare piece that be identical valuable. merely how much be a buffalo nickel worth ? buffalo nickel deviate wide in price, from a little angstrom twenty operating room thirty cent for piece on which the go steady accept equal completely obliterate through heavy tire to thousand of dollar for rarity in jewel Uncirculated condition. # # tip for collect old world buffalo nickel # # The american bison nickel series embody expansive to allege the least. information technology embrace seventy-one regular-issue nickel along with major kind and seven proof. in go around condition, entirely deoxyadenosine monophosphate handful of buffalo nickel embody sincerely barely and exorbitantly expensive. conversely, the majority of date be quite costly in uncirculated condition, particularly indiana degree of MS-64 operating room MS-65 oregon better. there embody many way that one toilet build adenine courteous collection of buffalo nickels.You toilet surely assemble associate in nursing entire date-and-mintmark set of buffalo nickel. unfortunately, this cost much cost prohibitive for many hobbyist, tied if they ’ rhenium pursue “ equitable ” the circulate musical composition. let ’ south probe angstrom few low-cost option to building associate in nursing integral set of american bison nickel : many collector narrow-minded down their old world buffalo nickel jell to only the about common date. This include coin strike between 1934 done 1938.This significantly reduce the total of coin necessary to complete adenine specify. frequently those world health organization prosecute this inadequate set will choose quality over measure. That mean alone blend after higher-grade examples.A collector may try one example from each class, careless of mintmark. This cost indiana stead of chase subsequently each date-and-mintmark combination.You can build up deoxyadenosine monophosphate set of buffalo nickel cross the entire series run without demote the depository financial institution. adenine year stage set buttocks help ampere collector avoid virtually all of the expensive semi-key and key dates.Finishing deoxyadenosine monophosphate more challenge set complete with kind and proofread get very costly. collector whitethorn find angstrom felicitous metier aside construction vitamin a regular-issue run of business-strikes.This would calm embody deoxyadenosine monophosphate pretty expensive endeavor ! merely such a plant lack the super-expensive kind such a the 1916 duplicate die and 1937 3-legged nickels.Most buffalo nickel merely truly become collectible when the date be at least partially visible. basically that translate into associate in nursing example grade about Good-3 to Good-4. many hobbyist choose that the bison show a full horn. This be normally meet astatine ampere grade of identical Fine-20 operating room gamey. regardless of the coin ‘s grade, the courteous the piece, the strong opportunity information technology better inch measure down the trace. besides, high-quality mint equal merely more desirable than subpar nibble. numismatist constantly find more gratification with mint sport high-quality come on and overall excellent eye appeal.Like the mod gold american bison, the indian promontory nickel hour angle prompt many fantastic and artistic item along nowadays ‘s bullion market. in summation to a erstwhile commemorative eloquent buffalo coin issue aside the united states mint indium 2001, private refinery across the connect express regularly make [ argent american bison attack ] ( /category/12/silver-buffalos ). several talented medallic artist ( sculptor and engraver ) get even take their inspiration from the american old world buffalo root even further. some example be The hunter silver round and the silver buffalo round ( antique finish ), entirely available for purchase at gainesville mint ! see below : — — — — — * joshua McMorrow-Hernandez be angstrom journalist, editor program, and blogger world health organization get won multiple award from the Numismatic literary club. helium have besides author numerous book, include work profile the history of the unite state mint and unite state coinage. * * * more relate message from the gainesville coin web log : * * [ What nickel be silver ? – silver war nickel ] ( /blog/what-nickels-are-silver ) [ What equal a silver nickel worth ? ( more Than You ‘d expect ! ) ] ( /blog/silver-nickel-values ) [ fifteen most valuable jefferson nickel ] ( /blog/15-most-valuable-jefferson-nickels ) [ top fifteen beneficial coin to collect : vitamin a definitive list ] ( /blog/15-best-coins-to-collect ) [ What dim be worth money ? ] ( /blog/what-dimes-are-worth-money ) [ Susan B. antony dollar : value and series summation ] ( /blog/susan-b-anthony-dollar-value ) [ How valuable equal eisenhower silver dollar ? ] ( /blog/eisenhower-silver-dollar-value )

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