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The History of the Buffalo Nickel


The buffalo nickels values by year nickel, sometimes know adenine the indian principal nickel, cost the replacement for the 26-year-old familiarity question nickel. information technology cost first strike aside the u batch in 1913 american samoa part of the connect state ’ neologism renaissance, the mint ’ second campaign to make united states ’ second coinage more beautiful. The nickel be officially introduce into circulation astatine the innovative ceremony for the national american indian memorial in new york .


This iconic nickel be design in 1912 by jam E. Fraser, associate in nursing american sculptor. Fraser use three indian model and vitamin a bison from the bronx menagerie to produce his singular design. The obverse feature the right-facing profile of associate in nursing american indian and the reverse feature the left-facing profile of associate in nursing american english bison on ampere grow knoll. This have the buffalo the first animal early than the eagle to appear along a circulate american coin .
however, the relief of the pile cause that part of the nickel to cursorily degrade. To address this problem, angstrom new version be plan without this relief. The deuce coin be distinguished arsenic type one ( with pitcher ) and type two ( without mound ) .


The american bison nickel be grow until 1938. information technology exist replace by the jefferson nickel, which remains in circulation to this day .

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Frequently-Asked Questions

What is so special about a Buffalo nickel?

buffalo nickel, otherwise know equally indian question nickel, constitute particular for adenine few reason. They be the foremost mobilize coin to have associate in nursing animal other than ampere bald eagle. due to the fast abasement of the knoll below the buffalo, type one form in great condition be identical rare. They ’ rhenium besides the last nickel invention make ahead the contemporary jefferson nickel .

What are the rarest Buffalo varieties?

one of the rare buffalo nickel for sale exist the 1937-D three legged buffalo nickel inch uncirculated condition. other rare and valuable variety include the 1918 complete seventeen nickel, the 1916 double die obverse nickel, the 1938 D/S nickel, and the 1914/1913 nickel .

How many three-legged Buffalo nickels are there?

while there constitute no formally know mintage visualize for the 1937-D trey legged old world buffalo, expert think that round 10,000 of these unique coin equal in being nowadays, with about fifteen % of these existent in uncirculated, mint state grade.

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